Photography as empathical approach

When Manfred Schneider began his career he did not focus on any motive. He primarily was interested in the technical conditions and the various possibilities of photography as a specific medium of art. He experimented with form, colour and light.

During his studies at the School of Art for Photography in Vienna he discovered his interest in a motive for his photographical art and - under the guidance of his teacher Friedl Kubelka - he developed his special motive of emotional devotion for the people he photographs.

The thrill which arises while working with a person, the way of being drawn into and included in a situation - which the artist sometimes provocatively creates himself - are the "motors" of his art.

His photographic work is the result of an interaction. The relation developing with a person during the act of photographing may be one-sided or involving both, the artist and the person, it may be tense, sometimes erotic, sometimes unpleasant. However, Manfred Schneider will always treat his motive with empathy and never in an indifferent way.


Dr. Andrea C. Fürst

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Studium der Kunstgeschichte in Wien, Innsbruck und Graz.
Promotion 1997 (Dissertation über Giselbert Hoke).
Betreut das Archiv von Friedensreich Hundertwasser und hat sein Werkverzeichnis publiziert.

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